Saturday, July 26, 2008

X-Force #8

Rob Liefeld was pretty close to God to me at the tender age of 10. His work really spoke to me. I loved the jagged lines, the fierce expressions on his characters faces, the exaggerated anatomy, the big ass guns, huge muscles, etc. I was also pretty serious about becoming a cartoonist around this time and his, Spike Lee directed, Levi's commercial was extremely inspiring to me, making comic drawing for a living a tangible goal.

I wasn't really aware of The New Mutants series of comics but when that book changed it's title to X-Force I was right on board with issue #1. I remember picking up issue 1 just because it was polybagged with a collectible trading card. When I broke that bag open and read the issue I was hooked and picked the following issues up with regularity, absolutely loving each issue more than the previous....

And then came issue 8. I took for granted the fact that Mr. Liefeld drew the entire thing so there wasn't much need to look through it until I got home. As per usual I was extremely pleased with a gripping opening page that contained Cable with his glowing eyeball, a big gun, and crosshatched lines wide enough to drive cars in the middle of. Then I turned the page....
...and most of the rest of the book was drawn by some guy I never heard of, Mike Mignola. I couldn't believe this guys work. It was awful. No crosshatching, no constipated facial expressions, blocky figures. It was terrible. This guy defiled a book that was sacred to me!
I made Mignola my enemy for years, never forgiving him for what he did to my favorite book. I vowed never to support his work, he was evil. Why would my boy, Rob, allow this no-name to ruin the coolest book on the racks?
It was heartbreaking that there wasn't much Liefeld art in this issue. At least I could settle for a few great pin-ups that exuded testosterone. Look at that art below! Not that's how you draw the goddamn zappy eye.
For the record, my Mignola embargo has lifted since then.

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tomN! said...

That's funny... I was way into that pre-Image era of Marvel comics, but Liefield was my least favorite. Even back then, I thought he was kind of a hack. Eric Larsen was the king of that crew for me. The first time I saw Mignola's stuff was in Gotham by Gaslight and it blew me away. It was long before I'd ever seen any indie comics, and his style was so different from everything else in main stream comics (at that time) that I instantly loved his art.