Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 'Nam #6

I grabbed this one from the Korean guy's used book shop on 8th Avenue. I remember his place being completely cluttered with no room to walk. Piles of trashy romance novels stacked to the sky and a little nook that had 2-3 boxes of random comics. I always imagined it could be a place where you can purchase mogwai if you knew the guy good enough. Or maybe even opium. The dude seemed like a pretty shady, lurid individual. I bet he had secrets. Anyhow...

I was already into G.I. Joe comics at the time (age 8-9) and when I saw this issue of The 'Nam I felt that it would probably make a good companion to my meager GI Joe comics collection. As I looked through it, the art immediately struck a cord with me. I had no love for any particular cartoonists then, but this Michael Golden guy really impressed me. In fact, he certainly picked up all the slack because the story wasn't much to write home about. He made it enjoyable to read and re-read a million times as you can see by it's beat up condition.

I liked all of the individual faces that I saw, I liked their expressions, The coloring was perfect, and even the lettering impressed me with it's slightly italicized feel. I couldn't stop looking at this comic because of how stylish it was to me.

Check out the way he drew Charlie:

The art on this issue really inspired me a lot and as I absorbed this book and even memorized the dialogue I decided to draw my own War comic as a kid, using all of my own characters that starred in my comics at the time. A lot of The 'Nam found its way in my silly strip called, War #1 (I distinctly remember choosing WAR as the title because it had 3 letters like 'Nam).

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